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Detailed Video Instruction

Class Format: Each class starts with meditative breathing with a focus on being present and grounded. We then flow into a qigong-style warm up which loosens up the major joints and muscles of the body and gets the heart pumping a little faster.


Then we move into the main teaching focus of the course which also includes question and answer segments. We then wind down with some more qigong-style stretching and some meridian stroking and tapping to close the class.

The 13 Fundamental Techniques of Tai Chi 

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What are the 13 fundamental techniques of tai chi? Much has been written about them, and it’s all fascinating, but can we actually apply these techniques practically? Yes, absolutely.

Each tai chi form is based on these 13 postures, energies, forces or techniques (they are referred to by many different descriptors). An understanding of these techniques can radically change the way you practise your tai chi and can add layers of subtlety and increase your focus.

The 13 techniques are divided into 8 hand forms and 5 steps...

Tai Chi Skills, Drills and Patterns

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In this course we learn 8 drills that each contain several tai chi movements. Each movement is explained in detail and we then have time exploring and flowing through the sequences. The 8 drills have been combined into one flow pattern that allows time to really focus on the intent of each movement.

Throughout the series we cover all ten of Yang Chengfu's Ten Important Points of Tai Chi Chuan and explore these concepts and how they relate to practising your tai chi...

Mawangdui Daoyin Qigong

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Learn the beautiful and fun Mawangdui Daoyin Qigong exercises. The Mawangdui movements are interpreted from figures on a silk painting that was unearthed from the Mawangdui Tombs in the 1970s. The movements take the body into positions that are not common in today's world, as can be seen in the restored silk painting.

We stretch up, down, side to side, twist and turn, and sometimes all at once, like in the Wild Duck Swimming. Some movements may look extreme on the painting but rest assured we do not need to do them like that!


QiZoom Class Bundle

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Would you like to keep up, or increase, your exercise through tai chi and qigong? Both exercise arts are strengthening by stealth, as I like to say. This bundle of 15 classes offers a variety of qigong and tai chi forms that exercise the whole body and of course the brain. 

I designed many of these classes with different themes in mind, such as Uplift, Energise and Cheer, and Relax and Rejuvenate. And then there's the extra bonus of cameo roles by my cats.

Regular practice will improve balance, increase strength, calm and soothe the nervous system, reduce feelings of fatigue and pain and so much more. 


Yi Jin Jing Qigong

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Learn a relatively modern version of the Yi Jin Jin, the Muscle/Tendon Change Classic.

The history of the Yi Jin Jing is rather blurry and we will briefly touch on that in class. What we do know is that the form I’m teaching is not the ‘original’ version, if indeed such a thing actually existed. This particular series of movements is based on drawings found in a tomb, just like the Mawangdui.

This is a powerful form that deserves careful attention to the details. It can be quite transformative...

Eltham Centre & Friends

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Are you a current student at Celestial Tai Chi College Eltham Centre? Please email Suzette for access to this bundle of videos and documents. These videos are to support your learnings at class and provide a central place where you can come to find lists of movements along with reference videos.

Some of the forms included are The Lotus, Lohan, Shibashi, Tai Chi Levels, 32 Sword, Daoyin 12-Movement Qigong & Celestial's version of the Daoyin.