I'm a tai chi and qigong instructor and fitness instructor.

Suzette Hosken

I've been learning tai chi and qigong for 26 years, minus a few years in there where I was learning to be a parent. I've been teaching for around 15 years. I've had some great teachers, but my best teacher is my body. I listen to it and try to keep it happy (and occasionally ignore it). I have fibromyalgia – a condition of chronic pain and fatigue. Practising tai chi and qigong is the main reason I stay fit, flexible and calm (mostly!) This blog is my expression of tai chi and qigong as I understand it. It is aimed at students and especially those with tricky bodies. As a qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer and former massage therapist, I have a fascination with, and a good understanding of the human body and how it moves. I speak for myself only and do not represent any of my employers on this site.