Welcome to Jade Lady Tai Chi and Qigong

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Here I’ll be writing about tai chi and qigong, with a focus on tricky bodies. By ‘tricky bodies’ I mean those of us with pain, musculoskeletal injuries and degeneration, and fatigue. Tai chi and qigong are known to be wonderful exercise for older people and those with arthritis, but the moves still need to be adapted for every person’s idiosyncrasies. Pop in here regularly and I’ll help you get the most out of these beautiful exercise arts.

About the logo: The Jade Lady Works the Shuttles is a tai chi move that is totally circular and symmetrical, with a constant flow between yin and yang. The arms block and strike to each corner while the legs transfer weight back and forth and pivot around a centre point. There is strength and softness, simplicity and complexity. Translate this to paper and the result is a beautiful representation that is happily rather like a flower.