Warm Up 6

Like many Victorians today, I’ve found myself a bit short on words. So I won’t say much, but do want to release my next video. I’m really happy with this warm up – it’s my favourite pairing of music with movement yet, and I loved doing it.

In this warm up I work the body much harder than in previous videos and have brought in a chair, stool and my imaginary benches to help. There is no meditation or visualisation, just full focus on what your physical body is doing and how it is feeling. There is vigorous limbering of major joints, balance work, and activation, strengthening and stretching of working muscles. This will be a warm up for some, and a good workout for others.

If you have pain, don’t assume that this video isn’t for you. Give it a try, but listen to your body and modify as you need. You can pause to rest at any time and watch for a bit. You can keep your stance narrow and high and work in a comfortable range. Keep the stretches in the gentle range and don’t do them for too long if you do not stretch regularly. I do repeat several of the moves many times, so stop as soon as your body tells you to, don’t push through.

I hope you enjoy this video and would love to hear your feedback.