Shibashi Set 3 Workshop

I recently had the great pleasure of teaching a workshop in Shibashi Set 3. Wushu, Tai Chi and Qigong Australia hold a cross-training day each year and I presented one of the workshops available at the 2019 WTQA X-Training Day.

Professor Lin Housheng is the creator of the original Shibashi Sets. He created Set 1 in 1979, Set 2 in 1988 and Set 3 some time in the 90s. He added further sets over the years, but these three sets are certainly my favourites.

Shibashi Set 3 builds on the foundations of Sets 1 and 2 and is rather more physically demanding. However, like any qigong form, it can be modified to suit any person’s ability and we spent a lot of time ensuring that each move was performed safely and comfortably. There are opportunities to stretch in every move and opportunities to challenge the body with deeply strengthening forms. It is up to each student to choose how much to exert and whether to soften the extremes of the movements.

There are many moves reaching up to the heavens, and also many reaching down to the earth. The combination of heavenly and earthly energies balance perfectly in the body. This is a very energising form and is lovely to practise.

We had a lot of fun at the workshop with many questions and plenty of time to explore how the moves feel. I like to bring each form back to how it feels within the body rather than what you might think you look like. Qigong is not about what you look like, but about flowing and moving energy and stretching and breathing. We did lots of all that and I loved sharing the form with a wonderful, engaged group of tai chi and qigong practitioners.

With many thanks to Snezana Dabic from Celestial Tai Chi College for the photos.