Popping Up for Air

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Jade Lady front and I’ve very much missed it. I’ve been head down and immersed in short-term busyness with my longer-term plans in mind. In November I started studying the Certificate 3 in Fitness. I’ve long wanted to update my knowledge of the human body and exercise principles and am delighted to be very close to finishing the course.

Initially I was able to keep all of the balls of life in the air, but once I started the work experience placement it was very clear that something had to give. I’ve now finished that placement, and submitted the massive manual of work that went with it today (yippee!). I have two assignments left and then will be finished with part one of my plan. Part two is the follow-on course of Certificate 4 in Fitness, which will see me qualified as a personal trainer. My interest remains in working with older adults and people with chronic pain conditions and I’m loving learning about keeping moving from a slightly different perspective. I will be applying this knowledge to my tai chi and qigong teaching, but may well branch out into conventional fitness advising as well, we’ll see. I was genuinely surprised at how much I loved being in the gym environment and being able to work with mostly older people who just want to keep fit for life. It’s pretty simple in theory, but not when you add in a nervous system that’s sensitised to pain. That requires way more care and compassion than the average body and is something that I’m going to keep working towards with my students and myself in mind.