Mash Up Shibashi

I still can’t write to save myself, so this is a short introduction to my latest video. For a while I’ve been wanting to do another video of a straight half hour of qigong, much like the Active April Set. The Covid 19 lockdown has given me the time to have a play with some ideas and this video is the result. I’ve long wondered what it would be like to do the Shibashi Sets all merged together, so do move 1 of Set 1, then move 1 of Set 2, then Set 3, followed by move 2 of Set 1, Set 2, etc. I’ve put this together up to the ninth move and then closed with each of the final moves from each set. I like it! I think it works well.

For those who are familiar with the proper order of the moves in these sets, you might have to switch off your brain lest it trip you up. Just follow along in mirror image and let yourself flow. As always, for those who have pain, attend to your body signals and adapt as needed.

Like all qigong forms, this set will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and energised. Your joints will move more easily, your muscles will be woken up, activated and working efficiently. It is half an hour of mindfulness and focusing on something positive and we all need that at the moment.