Get Active in April

Premier's Active April encourages us to commit to half an hour of exercise every day in April. I love this sort of a challenge, especially as it's quite achievable for most of us. Your expression of 'active' might be pumping weights in the gym, or it might be pottering in the garden pulling weeds. As long as you're active and getting the blood pumping around your system a little quicker than it would be if you were on the couch, then it's all good. You can register on the website: or via their app and there are many freebies available. The best local freebie is by the City of Boroondara via their YMCA leisure centres. You get 10 free passes to any one of the centres. So that's your opportunity to come and join my Thursday Tai Chi and Qigong class at Boroondara Sports Complex in North Balwyn! If that doesn't suit, there is tai chi at all of the centres and plenty of other wonderful classes as well of course. But what if you don't want to leave the house? Here's your answer: follow along to my half-hour (okay 34 minutes) qigong session. You will exercise your body in a gentle and safe manner and you'll find you've used more energy than is apparent. Your whole system will benefit from the mindfulness required to follow along to unfamiliar moves. You'll finish the set feeling relaxed, focused and energised. Please enjoy and please share!