A new video... and a confession

I've uploaded another warm-up, this one with a focus on balance. In fact it's a fair work out all on its own. I designed the session so that the balancing muscles are warmed up gently with progressively more challenging moves. The muscles I'm talking about are those in the lower leg, particularly the peroneals that run down the outside, the tibialis anterior down the front, and the soleus at the back, not to mention all the little muscles of the foot. Added to these are the hip stabilisers. Not so much the big gluteus maximus, but more the little muscles underneath like gluteus medius and minimus and the external rotators (more on these in another post). And then there are the core muscles that keep your torso stable while you try to balance. There's a lot going on when we move gracefully from one foot to the other at snail's pace.

I made hard work of filming this one. As I finished one move I introduced the next one – the wrong one. I kept forgetting what was next and would stand there staring at my notes before re-composing myself. I said stuff that was not fit to put to air. And I wobbled. The hardest move is the Dance of the Peacock with the horizontal balance. In order to get the four repetitions you see in the video I actually did it twelve times. That’s why I looked so relieved at the end – finally nailed it! Plus I was just about puffing as I talked through the following move – it was really hard work. And the upshot of repeating that move twelve times was very, very upset hip stabilisers. I have the sorest bum and it has kept me awake at night. Sigh. So I’ve been sitting on an ice pack and stretching gently and flipping between sitting and standing frequently (not happy sitting). Do not repeat that move twelve times! Four is enough. But it’s a great challenge, and if you like a challenge, this is a good one. But approach it with caution.